What conditions are particularly helped at Davies Chiropractic and Sports Therapy?

The problems that respond best to chiropractic treatment all come from mechanical disturbances of the spine. This includes

  • Low back pain (as recommended by NICE)

  • Neck pain (as recommended by the Task Force on Neck Pain and its Associated Disorders, see below).

Like most health conditions, the key to the best management of spinal problems depends on a good diagnosis as a sound starting point. By virtue of their special training, Chiropractors can diagnose spinal problems and recognise conditions that should be investigated further or treated in some other way.  Any form of back or neck pain has to be diagnosed correctly. Mechanical back pain is very common but other forms of problems producing back pain also exist.  

Our training and continuing education enable us to diagnose the origin of the problem and advise you on the best possible approach: either chiropractic management and treatment or referral to your GP or some other practitioner.

Meanwhile the effectiveness of chiropractic in dealing with both acute and chronic low back pain has been acknowledged by NICE.  Thus Chiropractic is now included in the recommendations given to GP's for dealing with their patients' low back pain.

We are particularly successful with back pain that affects the elderly in whom it is often caused by a degenerated (osteoarthritis) or weakened (osteoporosis) spine and taut muscles (fibrositis). Children may also need chiropractic care. Their posture can be poor; they can sit improperly and cause undue strain on their spine. Falls can cause early damage. Any form of backache or headache in a child should be investigated. Children usually respond quickly to chiropractic treatment.

Backache of pregnancy also responds very well. Chiropractic is most effective and is a comfortable form of treatment all through the pregnancy. Post-natal care of the mother's spine can be beneficial as many chronic back problems in mothers can be traced back to the carrying or delivery of one of the children.  

Improving your posture

A programme to correct and improve posture has been developed by the chiropractic profession and is easy to follow.  Just view the video and try it for yourself; visit Straighten Up UK.

The following leaflets can be downloaded. Alternatively, you can call in and collect them.

Chiropractic Research

Davies Chiropractic is actively engaged in research and collating data to identify more closely the specific conditions that respond best to our approach.

More recently, the Bone and Joint Task Force on Neck Pain and its Associated Disorders (Haldeman et al, Spine 2008; 33-S) reported that; "Manual therapy is among the group of treatments that have the best results for Whiplash Associated Disorders, particularly as part of management on regaining function and returning to work as soon as possible."

In particular Hermits EL et al say: "Our best evidence synthesis suggests that therapies involving manual therapy and exercise are more effective than alternative strategies for patients with neck pain". Treatment of neck pain: non-invasive interventions. Results of Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and its Associated Disorders. Spine 2008; 33: S123-152.

The results of the British clinical trial comparing hospital to chiropractic treatment of chronic back pain were published on 2nd June 1990 in the British Medical Journal.

The conclusions were that chiropractic is substantially more effective than hospital outpatient management and patient treated by chiropractic experience prolonged benefits and have less time off work.

Dr Andrew Frank, consultant rheumatologist commented: "The report indicates that the service the taxpayers are paying for seems to be second best. This is the best study to show a lasting benefit from chiropractic treatment and it is good news for people with back pain."  This has been confirmed more recently in 2004 by the BEAM trial and published in the BMJ 2004: 329(7479): 1381.

Read about the accumulating evidence of the effectiveness of Chiropractic on the Royal College of Chiropractic web site.